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Salar de Uyuni

“Salar de Uyuni” consists of a vast and cold region with dry salt lakes, snow-covered mountains and different colored lakes ranging from red to green and blue and various species of flamingo.

It consists of a vast area of 12,000 sq km (4680 sq mi) saltpan at an altitude of 3650m (11,970ft).

The salt lakes have gone forever but left an immense area of a thick crust of salt which make it possible to drive on by car and visit the natural wonder of this area during several days. During centuries, inhabitants used to sell the salt using traditional manufacturing methods. Their salt production delivers today an amount of about 19,700 tons a year, but the reserves still contain probably about 10 billion tons of fine salt. The “Salar de Uyuni” is a beauty without comparison in the earth. Its loneliness offers fantastic views of an endless sky in an absolutely peaceful and harmonic environment. A special highlight in this area is the “Isla de Pescadores” which possesses enormous stands of cactus in the middle of the saltpan.

Excursions are best organized from the nearby, desert village “Uyuni”, where you can choose different kinds of trips to this fascinating salt lake.

The Southwest of Bolivia

In the southern end of Bolivia you can find beautiful volcanoes, different species of flamingos, geysers and the two sensational colored lakes, unique in its form and appearance.

Laguna Colorada

The “Laguna Colorada” is fiery red colored lake. It is located in an isolated highland area with moderate hills and surrounded by a dreamlike treeless landscape.

Laguna Verde

The “Laguna Verde” at an elevation of 5000m (16,400ft), is a fantastic contrast to the “Laguna Colorada”. Its color has an impressive blue-green shape. The scenery is amazing as behind the lake rises the giant volcano “Licancabur” with an altitude of 5930m (19,450ft), whose summit shelters an Inca crypt. Centuries ago Inca men walked up to the top of the volcano after having been forced to freeze to death as a sacrifice to the gods.

“Sol de Mañana”

he “Sol de Mañana” is a geyser at an altitude of 4800m (15,745ft), where mud pools and hellish fumaroles keep on bubbling for eternity. Incredible belch stinky sulfurous fumes spring into the fresh mountain air with an apparently never ending energy. A fantastic spectacular!


Located in the isolated southern highlands, this fine-looking colonial city with its population of 90,000 inhabitants, offers a distinctive flavor similar to the Mediterrranean.

It is the festive city in Bolivia as it offers various festivals during the whole year like a colored carnival and wild rodeos during April.

The city and its favorite “mirador Loma de San Juan” are fantastic places to hangout and to spend the afternoon just on watching people. There are quite a lot of other charming villages in the area like the desert city of Tupiza and the village of San Vicente, where the bank robbers Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid shall have died. In October try to visit the neighboring village of “Entre Rios”, which organize a traditional festival celebrating the Guarani people of the county.

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