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Itacaré is known as a surfer’s paradise in the South of Bahia. Numerous beaches in various bays around the town offer sun, sand and waves surrounded by an exotic panorama.

An ancient city in the hillside of a small range covered by Mata Atlântica and palm trees. Itacare is home to one of the most beautiful beaches of Bahia, as well as a centre point for surfing. The estuary of Contas River forms the fisher boats harbor, but in 28 kilometers up river, one encounters the beautiful canyon where we practice an exciting Rafting of class III and IV.

The Ativa Base situated in Taboquinhas, in the Itacare district, a lost place in time, on the margin of the Contas River. Rich area in the Cacao period. It declined with the appearing of a plague Vassoura de Bruxa, even though it conserves the old houses, narrow and mount any streets, the sympathy and the hospitality of the population. There are eighteen beaches in Itacare region, there are small and long ones, some of them are calm, but some have huge waves. It’s difficult to choose the best one to stay. You need to go to Itacare before everybody. Itacare is pure gold!

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Monday to Friday
8 am – 6 pm
Salvador, Bahia, Brazil