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Ilha Grande is a Biological Reserve created in 1981 comprising the beaches of East and South within the State of Rio de Janeiro. The area has two lagoons with a huge mangrove area and flooded forest and is surrounded by hills covered by Atlantic Forest. The Parque Marinho do Aventureiro – a strip of sea that runs from the tip of Tucunduba to the tip of the Adventurer Mountain – is also a local attraction.

Ilha Grande is a top water-based tourism destination in the state of Rio de Janeiro only a few hours by car and very frequented by the local Cariocas.

The view of the south and east beaches, which together are approximately 6 km long, is one of the most splendid sceneries of wild nature that the island offers.

Besides Ilha Grande’s complex biodiversity and rich and delicate ecosystem, the city also has a number of boutique hotels, restaurants, bars and cafés worth visiting.

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