Planning Your Trip to Manu National Park – Find here Travel and Tourism Information About Manu National Park

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About Manu National Park
Located in the rainforest of the Cuzco and Madre de Dios departments, Manu National Park is Peru’s greatest natural treasure. It is a trove for the number of species it shelters and the diversity of ecosystems it features. Established in 1973 over a land surface of 1,532,806 hectares, it was included in UNESCO´s list of Mankind’s Natural Heritages in 1987. It compromises the whole of the Manu River Basin as well as an extraordinary cross-section of altitudes ranging from 4,300m in the Andean High Plateau to 200m in the Amazon Floodplain.
Because of Manu’s very low population of humans, who still employ traditional hunting techniques, animals have little fear of man. It is only in Manu that healthy populations of jaguars, tapirs, anteaters, giant otters and the endangered black caiman can still be found in undisturbed surroundings.

Access Routes
Boca Manu has a small airport (one a strip of green grass) and can be reached from Cuzco by small charter planes (normally included in the package). Another option is a 12-15 hour journey across the Andes, passing Paucartambo to San Pedro

There are only a few lodges in this protected area (like the Manu Wildlife Center). In general the tours include camping alongside the river.

There is only one premium class hotel and this is the 3-star Casa Andina. Tourist Class hotels are abundant.

When to go
Manu can only be visited in the dry season: From May to November.

How long
Minimum stay is 5 days – maximum 9

Manu can only be reached from Cuzco. We recommend you program the jungle tour at the end of the journey.

Monday to Friday
8 am – 6 pm
Salvador, Bahia, Brazil