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About Pisco
Three hours south from Lima along the coast is Pisco, a small fishing village fifteen minutes by bus from the National Reserve of Paracas.

Main Attractions

Paracas Peninsula: The Paracas peninsula has some nice spots to visit: Lagunillas – a small fishing village – the Julio Tello Museum; the Mirador de los Lobos and the Cathedral. As a result of water and wind erosion, The Cathedral is an amazing and extraordinary rock formation.
Ballestas Islands: Known by many as the “poor man’s Galápagos,” these small islands are nonetheless spectacular in their own right and well worth visiting.They are part of a national reserve where sea lions, seals, penguins, guano birds and turtles rarely found at this latitude can be seen.

On the way there by boat, you will undoubtedly see the famous Candelabro (candlestick) traced in the hillside of the mainland. It is at least 50 meters long and believed to be linked to the Nazca Lines. Some relate it to the Southern Cross constellation, while others say it is a drawing of a cactus, a symbol of power from the Chavin culture

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