Uakari Jungle Lodge – Amazon – Brazil

Uakari Jungle Lodge – Amazon – Brazil

The Uakari Lodge is situated off a tributary of the River Solimoes, one hour by speedboat from the town of Tefe. Tefe is a little city, 1 hour by commercial airline southwest from Manaus. Mamiraua is very special because of the following reasons: It is the largest protected area of flooded forest in the Amazon offering unique scenery and experiences. Mamiraua has an abundant variety of wildlife, including the endemic charismatic species – the white Uakari monkey; Is it the first sustainable development reserve where the communities actively participate in its management;It is a public conservation unit in Brazil managed by an NGO, through an agreement with the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Institute for Environmental Protection of Amazonas, and international agencies such as the Department for International Development and the Wildlife Conservation Society, among others; It is a large international research project, which assures that there is up-to-date information on the ecosystem and its species.

The 5 floating cabins of the Uakari Lodge are strategically located so that it is an ideal place to observe wildlife without leaving the premises. This lodge offers a series of activities including canoe and boat excursions with local guides in river channels and lakes, and walking trails in the rainforest.

During your stay you will see the flooded forest, an abundance of birds, monkeys, black caiman, and other wildlife. It also offers trips to a local river village in order to interact and get to know the Amazonian population and way of life. We recommend you do not miss the tour to Lake Mamiraua where you will see the pink dolphins jumping, silver fish literally jumping into your boat, and the hundreds of caimans, up to 5 ft long. Articles about Uakari Lodge have recently been published in both the New York Times and National Geographic.

The Uakari is a Sustainable Tourism Ecolodge, which provides educational and economical support to several small communities in the surrounding area. Most employees are Caboclos or local natives who are learning a specific trade. Services offered at the Uakari Jungle Lodge are designed to allow the Caboclos to improve their lives while offering visitors a more natural environment. Therefore, some services offered may not be at international hotel standards.


Uacari Jungle Lodge Amenities

The lodge also has a central floating structure with reception area, restaurant, bar, TV room, library and conference room and laundry services.

Food and drink:

The lodge offers three meals a day. The menu was created from Brazilian cuisine, focusing on products and dishes that are typical from the Amazon, with a lot of fresh fish, regional fruit and juices (we do not serve red meat). The bar offers national and foreign wines, caipirinhas, beer and soda (not included).


The Uakari lodge has transport infrastructure with speedboats, motorized and regional canoes. The 40 hp engine speedboats are used in the transfer from Tefé to the lodge, and are covered and can take six people at a time. (Please beware that you should only bring a maximum of a 15 kg baggage item). Leisure infrastructure is composed of interpretation and observation trails, and also a structure built inside the forest for photographing and observing animals. There is also a VHF radio communication system (there is no telephone). You can charge your batteries only a few hours a day, so please bring extra ones.


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