Argentina Custom Group Vacation Package – Southern Patagonia Glaciers Cruise and Land (16 Nights)

Argentina Custom Group Vacation Package – Southern Patagonia Glaciers Cruise and Land (16 Nights)

Argentina Custom Group Vacation Package – Southern Patagonia Glaciers Cruise and Land (16 Nights)

Argentina Custom Group 16 Night Cruise and Land Vacation Package – Buenos Aires and Mare Australis Cruise

Travel to the Patagonia, Argentina and experience its wonders with this 16 Night Cruise and Land Travel Vacation Package and Tour that includes accommodations, Buenos Aires City Tour, and Cruise aboard Mare Australis ship – you will set sail to Punta Arenas navigating through the Beagle Channel and the Patagonian channels, experience Tours in Torres Del Paine and Los Glaciares National Parks, transportation and much more. Contact our Argentina Travel Agents for your Custom Argentina Group Vacation Package. We focus on Groups of 8 or more Travelers.

With this amazing package you will visit the Patagonia, Argentina region and its highlights. You will get to know Buenos Aires, the capital city of this fascinating country, as well as Ushuaia – the southern most city in the world, Puerto Natales and El Calafate – where you will find yourself at the gateway to the majestic world of glaciers. Also you will enjoy a 4 day Southern Patagonia Cruise aboard the Mare Australis Ship.

Buenos Aires is a cosmopolitan city and is characterized by the great contrasts among its different neighborhoods. It has an intense cultural life that is reflected in the numerous artistic shows that are offered, ideal for the tourist that looks for a citys roots and more primitive customs.

Located on the shores of the Beagle Channel, Ushuaia is the southernmost city in the world. There you can visit its Worlds End and Maritime museums – an old prison – and enjoy its natural surroundings.

Tierra del Fuego National Park is inhabited by diverse flora and fauna species. The park is home to red foxes, guanacos, beavers, and condors.

Los Glaciares National Park stretches a distance of some 600,000 hectares with 47 glaciers, such as the Marconi, the Viedma, the Moyano, the Upsala, the Agassiz, the Bolado, the Onelli, the Peineta, the Spegazzini, the Mayo, the Ameghino, the Moreno and the Frías, all of them draining into the Atlantic. It has a breathtaking landscape of impressive glaciers descending from the continental ice field. Thirteen glaciers on the Atlantic side break into huge ice towers which plunge into the waters of the lakes Viedma and Argentino.

Southern Patagonia Glaciers Cruise and Land Package (16N) includes

Hotels in Argentina:

  • 4 nights accommodation at Alvear Palace Hotel in Buenos Aires,
  • 2 nights at the Tierra de Leyndas Hotel in Ushuaia,
  • 3 nights aboard the Mare Australis Ship,
  • 2 night at the Charles Darwin Hotel in Puerto Natales and
  • 3 nights accommodation at the Calafate Parque Hotel in El Calafate, with daily breakfast.
  • All meals are included at the Mare Australis Ship.

Tours in Buenos Aires – Argentina:

  • Half Day City tour, visiting the Plaza de Mayo, the Government House, the Cathedral, Columbus Square, La Boca district, San Martín Square, Santa Fé Avenue, Recoleta Cemetery, Grand Bourg Square, the famous Colon Opera House and Much More;
  • Half day Tigre Delta Tour with Coastline Train: A pleasant journey along the River Plates coast and through beautiful residential areas in Buenos Aires;
  • A spectacular Tango Show with dinner;

Tours in Ushuaia – Argentina:

  • Tour to Tierra del Fuego National Park visiting Río Pipo Valley , a rich area in fauna and flora, Ensenada Bay , lakes and lagoons.
  • Catamaran Ride: Beagle Channel visiting Paso Chico, Bridges Island , De los Pajaros Island and De los Lobos Island and Les Eclaireus lighthouse.

Cruise aboard the Mare Australis Ship – Argentina:

  • Disembark in the Cabo de Hornos (Cape Horn) National Park and in Walaia Bay , one of the most important indigenous sites of the region.
  • Disembark at the the Bay of the Günter Plushow Glacier and hike near the glacier.
  • Navigating through O’Brien and Ballenero Channels, Bahía Desolada, Paso Aguirre and Cockburn Channel.
  • Disembark in Magdalena Island , the home of an enormous penguin colony with over 120.000 specimens in different stages of development.

Tours in Puerto Natales – Argentina:

  • Full day Tour Torres Del Paine National Park, which has been declared Biosphere World Reserve by UNESCO in 1978.
  • Tours in El Calafate:
  • Full Day Tour visiting Los Glaciares National Park and the spectacular Perito Moreno Glacier.
  • Full Day Upsala Onelli Navigation: Embark at Punta Bandera to navigate through the northern branch of Lake Argentino to get to Glacier Upsala and Onelli Bay.


  • Transportation: Transfers from/to airport and tours in air-conditioned vehicles with your local English speaking expert guide.
  • Adventure: This is an easy paced trip perfect for anyone.
  • Group Size: Any group size.
  • Staff: Local professional bilingual guides will help you during the tours and transfers.

Day by Day Vacation Package Itinerary

This is a Sample Vacation Package that we have created for customers in the past.
Contact us for a Custom Package created just for you.

Day 1 – Buenos Aires
Transfer from international airport to Hotel. City Tour: A three and a half hour sightseeing tour visiting the Plaza de Mayo, the Government House, the Cathedral, Columbus Square, La Boca district, San Martín Square, Santa Fé Avenue, Recoleta Cemetery, Grand Bourg Square, Palermo Chico district, Polo grounds, Horse Race Track, Palermo Park, Rose Garden, Libertador Avenue, Congress Hall, 9 de Julio Avenue, and the famous Colon Opera House. Overnight at Alvear Palace Hotel.

Day 2 – Buenos Aires
Half Day Tour Delta Tigre and Coastline Train: A pleasant journey along the River Plate’s coast and through beautiful residential areas in Buenos Aires : private neighborhoods, sailing clubs, marinas and slips. The enchantment of the renewed old English train stations allows visitors to enjoy one of the most modern trains in the country and a great variety of entertainments. San Isidro , the biggest train station, is the only outdoor mall in Argentina . This commercial area has movie theatres, restaurants of different style and menus, and many shop. The ride ends in Delta station where the greatest amusement park in South America , “Parque de la Costa “, invites you to enjoy the attractions and shows. Overnight at Alvear Palace Hotel.

Day 3 – Buenos Aires
Day at leisure. Dinner and Show at El Querandi: The Tango is part of the typical music of Buenos Aires . This tour will be to enjoy a special “porteña” music night at one of the excellent tango places, where typical songs and dances are performed. Overnight at Alvear Palace Hotel.

Day 4 – Ushuaia
Transfer from Hotel to Buenos Aires domestic airport to take a flight to Ushuaia. Arrival in Ushuaia and transfer to Hotel. Half Day Tour Tierra del Fuego National Park: It was created in 1960. It is the southernmost park in Argentina . In a half-day tour we will meet its forests and fauna while driving along National Route 3 until we get to Lapataia Bay . In accordance with the mountains’ hugeness, the sea and valleys, the flora and fauna outline outrageous landscapes that we will discover little by little while we enjoy air purity, silence and sounds in this magic land. Overnight at Tierra de Leyendas Hotel.

Day 5 – Ushuaia
Half day Beagle Channel Navigation: you will sail in new comfortable ships from which we will have one of the best views of the southernmost city in the world and the mountains that surround it as well, while in Ushuaia Bay. You will see Sea Lions’ and Birds’ Islands as well as Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse; all of them embellished by the typical nature in the area. By the end we will see a Magellan Penguins’ colony. We will stop for a while to take some pictures and watch the penguins. Return to Ushuaia Bay. Overnight at Tierra de Leyendas Hotel.

Day 6 – Australis cruise aboard Patagonia Explorer


Check in at 409 San Martín Ave. in downtown Ushuaia between 10:00 and 17:00 (10 AM-5 PM) on the day of your cruise departure.
Board the Australis Cruise at 18:00 (6 PM). After a welcoming toast and introduction of captain and crew, the ship departs for one of the most remote corners of planet Earth. During the night we traverse the Beagle Channel and cross from Argentina into Chilean territorial waters. The lights of Ushuaia disappear as we turn into the narrow Murray Channel between Navarino and Hoste islands.

Day 7 – Australis cruise aboard Patagonia Explorer

Cape Horn – Wulaia Bay

Around the break of dawn, the Australis cruise crosses Nassau Bay and enters the remote archipelago that comprises Cape Horn National Park. Weather and sea conditions permitting, we shall go ashore on the windswept island that harbors legendary Cape Horn (Cabo de Hornos). Discovered in 1616 by a Dutch maritime expedition — and named after the town of Hoorn in West Friesland — Cape Horn is a sheer 425-meter (1,394-foot) high rocky promontory overlooking the turbulent waters of the Drake Passage. For many years it was the only navigation route between the Pacific and Atlantic, and was often referred to as the “End of the Earth.” The park was declared a World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 2005. The Chilean navy maintains a permanent lighthouse on the island, staffed by a lightkeeper and his family, as well as the tiny Stella Maris Chapel and modern Cape Horn Monument (currently awaiting repair after being damaged by fierce winds).

Sailing back across Nassau Bay, we anchor at fabled Wulaia Bay, one of the few places in the archipelago where the human history is just as compelling as the natural environment. Originally the site of one of the region’s largest Yámana aboriginal settlements, the bay was described by Charles Darwin and sketched by Captain FitzRoy in the 1830s during their voyages on HMS Beagle. This area is also renowned for its mesmerizing beauty and dramatic geography. After a visit to the Australis-sponsored museum in the old radio station — which is especially strong on the Yámana people and European missionaries in the area — passengers have a choice of three hikes (of increasing degrees of difficulty) that ascend the heavily wooded mountain behind the bay. On all of these you stroll through an enchanted Magellanic forest of lengas, coigües, canelos and ferns to reach panoramic viewpoints overlooking the bay.

Day 8 – Australis cruise aboard Patagonia Explorer

Pía Glacier – Porter Glacier

Overnight we continue our Patagonia glacier tour around the western end of Tierra del Fuego via the very narrow Gabrial Channel, Magdalena Channel and Cockburn Channel. After rounding the remote Brecknock Peninsula, the Australis cruise tacks eastward and enters the Beagle Channel again. By morning we are entering Pia Fjord and boarding the Zodiacs for a shore excursion to Pia Glacier.After disembarking we take a short hike to gain a panoramic view of the spectacular glacier, which extends from the mountaintops down to the sea or a longer much more difficult walk up a lateral moraine of the old Pia Glacier.

No one knows for certain how the hulking mass of snow and ice got its feminine moniker, but one theory says it was named for Princess Maria Pia of Savoy (1847-1911), daughter of the Italian king.

In the afternoon and aboard our Zodiac boats, we will sail between high rocky walls until we reach Porter Glacier.

Day 9 – Australis cruise aboard Patagonia Explorer

Agostini Sound – Águila Glacier – Cóndor Glacier

Early in the morning, we will sail through the Cockburn Channel and enter Agostini Sound. From there it is possible to see the glaciers that descend from the middle of the Darwin Mountain Range — some of them reaching the water. This morning, we will disembark and go for an easy walk around a lagoon, which was formed by the melting of the Águila Glacier. We will reach a spot right in front of that glacier with stunning views. In the afternoon, we will approach the Condor Glacier via Zodiac — and hopefully see some of the abundant Andean Condors in the area.

Day 10 – Australis cruise aboard Patagonia Explorer

Magdalena Island – Punta Arenas

After an overnight cruise through Magdalena Channel and back into the Strait of Magellan, we anchor off Magdalena Island, which lies about halfway between Tierra del Fuego and the Chilean mainland. Crowned by a distinctive lighthouse, the island used to be an essential source of supplies for navigators and explorers and is inhabited by an immense colony of Magellanic penguins. At the break of dawn, weather permitting, we go ashore and hike a path that leads through thousands of penguins to a small museum lodged inside the vintage 1902 lighthouse. Many other bird species are also found on the island. In September and April — when the penguins dwell elsewhere — this excursion is replaced by a ride aboard Zodiacs to Marta Island to observe South American sea lions.

After a short cruise south along the strait, disembarkation at Punta Arenas is scheduled for around 11:30 AM.

Day 11 – Puerto Natales
Early in the morning, in the Strait of Magellan, we will disembark in Magdalena Island , the home of an enormous penguin colony with over 120.000 specimens in different stages of development. We will take a walk to the lighthouse, which was used to guide the exploring sailors on their way across the Strait of Magellan . After our visit we will arrive to Punta Arenas , where passengers may disembark from 11.30 am onwards. Our great adventure ends. Transfer from Punta Arenas Port to bus Station Punta Arenas. Transportation from Punta Arenas to Puerto Natales by bus. Arrival in Puerto Natales and transfer to Hotel. Overnight at Charles Darwin Hotel.

Day 12 – Puerto Natales
Full Day Tour Torres Del Paine National Park: Torres del Paine has been declared Biosphere World Reserve by UNESCO in 1978. The Payne massif is constituted by several mountains, among which stand out three granite columns erected between two mountains known as Payne Horns: Mount Almiral Nieto ( 2.670 m .) and Big Payne ( 3.050 m .) The excursions to the Torres del Paine National Park usually start very early. This way, excursionists can make the most of sunlight. We started the super hiking tour to the base of the towers. Overnight at Charles Darwin Hotel.

Day 13 – El Calafate
Transfer from hotel to bus station in Puerto Natales. Transportation by bus to El Calafate. Arrival in El Calafate. Transfer to Hotel. Overnight at Calafate Parque Hotel.

Day 14 – El Calafate
Full Day Perito Moreno Tour: Moreno Glacier is the most important of the 13 glaciers in Los Glaciares National Park and a worldly known attraction for the incredible breaking of the ice. Along your way you will pass by Cerro de los Elefantes and then arrive at the access gate to the National Park. Then you will see Brazo Rico of Lake Argentino on your left and the first forests of lengas, cypresses, guindos, calafates and alerces, and if you are lucky, you may also see some grey fox, guanaco, armadillo, red fox or puma. After Curva de los Suspiros (photograph) where you will see the glacier for the first time, and contemplate astonished this 70 m . ice wall of a thousand blue tones. Overnight at Calafate Parque Hotel.

Day 15 – El Calafate
Full Day Upsala and Onelli Tour: To get to these glaciers you will embark at Punta Bandera to navigate through the northern branch of lake Argentino to get to Glacier Upsala and Onelli Bay , where the catamaran stops for three hours. Upsala Glacier forms an ice spit of some 60 km . long and 10 km . wide and constitutes the biggest glacier in the area. Its surface is approximately 595 km², about three times as big as Buenos Aires . Navigation goes on until Onelli Bay , where passengers disembark and go for a short walk through the forest until Onelli Bay , where glaciers Onelli, Bolados, Agassiz and Heim meet. During the hike you will enjoy these beautiful landscapes with a variety of shapes and colors in the immense icebergs detached from Upsala Glacier. The navigation continues to Spegazzini Glacier, amazing for its high walls reaching 110 mt. On the way back condors might be seen. Overnight at Calafate Parque Hotel.

Day 16 – Buenos Aires
Transfer out hotel to El Calafate Airport to take a flight to Buenos Aires . Arrival in Buenos Aires and transfer to hotel. Overnight at Alvear Palace Hotel.

Day 17 – Buenos Aires
Breakfast and transfer out Hotel to Buenos Aires Airport.

  • Alvear Palace Hotel – Buenos Aires – Argentina
    Located in the heart of La Recoleta , surrounded by excellent restaurants, shops, and antique stores, and only five minutes from the financial district, the Alvear Palace Hotel offers traditional hospitality combined with the most up-to-date facilities. Built in 1932 and totally renovated, the Alvear Palace Hotel is one of the most elegant hotels in Buenos Aires . Decorated in Louis XVI and Empire styles, each guest accommodation features personal butler service, fresh fruit basket and flowers, Hermès de Paris toiletries, intelligent touch-screen telephones, cellular telephones, computer and fax upon request, and cable television. Nonsmoking rooms are available. Computer rental available. Specially designed, every room and suite combines European elegance with the most advanced technology. The Hotel features: • Banquet and meeting rooms for 10 to 1,500 people • Multi-lingual staff • Fully equipped business center, and theater desk. • Finest shops in walking distance: Escada, Cartier Hermes of Paris, Fendi, Polo Ralph Lauren, Ermenegildo Zegna. • Alvear Luxury Shopping: Staying at the Alvear guests have special discounts/benefits at important shops and boutiques. • 4 blocks from “Patio Bullrich Shopping”, 5 minutes from “Galerias Pacifico Shopping Mall”. • Best value shopping: Leather clothing, handbags and shoes, wool, semi-precious stones, silver objects and antiques. Personal shopper available at a charge. Advance booking requested. Recreation and Health: Alvear health club with indoor swimming pool, sauna, exercise equipment, individual gym classes, and massages. Dinning: LOrangerie, for generous buffet meals and tea service. Lobby Bar with live piano music. La Bourgogne , Relais Gourmand for unique French dining. The Alvear Palace Hotel is a member of The leading Hotels of the World ®Tierra de Leyendas Hotel – Ushuaia – Argentina
    Only 4 Km from the town centre of the city and 3 km from the “Malvinas Argentinas” International Airport, the Hotel is located in an area formerly inhabited by the canoeist nomads, known as Estancia Rio Pipo. An ideal spot for falling in love with the mysterious beauty of the Beagle Channel and the last strokes of the Andes Range . Four bedrooms with large windows so as not to miss the stunning deep blue of the Beagle Channel or the snow-capped peaks in the Andes Range . They are equipped with Twin, king, or triple beds, Private bathroom, National and international direct-dial telephone, Television set, In-room safe, Hairdryer, Central heating, Bathroom amenities and Turndown Service.Mare Australis Ship – Argentina
    The Mare Australis has 63 exterior cabins all equipped with low beds, private bathroom, independently controlled air conditions, heater, lock box, closet, 220/110 volts power U.S. type electricity connectors (adapters available) and large windows to enjoy views. The Yamana Lounge is equipped with bar, a small library, video and audio equipment. Panoramic view and cozy decoration will allow you to enjoy the beautiful scenery at all times. In this room lectures and other on board activities will take place. The Sky Lounge has a full bar and panoramic view. In this room night activities will take place and some lectures and other activities during the day. In addition to the Game Room, it will be the only place where smoking is allowed. The Patagonia Dinning Room has panoramic view and is the place where you will enjoy exquisite regional cuisine, refined international cuisine and the best Chilean wine. The Game Room is located on the third deck and has special tables for Card and other games. The Outside Deck is its highest deck. It is a wide-open deck and offers to the passengers an exceptional panoramic view. The Command Bridge is equipped with the latest state of the art technology in navigation and is open to passengers. The ship has also a shop and infirmary.Hotel Charles Darwin – Puerto Natales – Argentina
    Charles Darwin Hotel is located in Puerto Natales, near the heart of the city and just a short distance from all the services any visitor might require. This hotel just recently opened, featuring 22 fully equipped rooms; a restaurant and bar; and two reading lounges, one of them boasting a spectacular view of the Last Hope Sound and the mountain chain that embraces it. The hotel meets our guests every need.Calafate Parque Hotel – El Calafate – Argentina
    Calafate Parque Hotel offers personalized services for its guests. This Hotel is prepared to receive their clients with restaurant, bar, Internet, Jacuzzi, sauna, laundry service and room service. Its comfortable rooms are well equipped with mini bar, safe box, Cable TV and private bathroom.