Rio de Janeiro Carnival Custom Group Package and Tour (5 Nights)

Experience the Most Exciting Brazilian Party with Rio de Janeiro Carnival Custom Vacation Package. Enjoy the music, dance, beaches and sun.

Let us help you with your Personalized Rio Carnival Package

Experience the Most Exciting Brazilian Party: Carnival in Rio de Janeiro City Music, dance, sport, beaches, and sun provide Cariocas with a singular “joie de vivre,” that is manifest yearly in Rio’s world-famous Carnival, the highlight of which is the Samba parade at the Sambadromo. You may like to experience one of the many street blocos, where families get together, in fancy dress or not, to join the great samba bands spread all around the city. If you prefer a more sophisticated party, you may attend one of the many fancy dress or mask balls within the most famous hotels. Perhaps you would like to watch the parade or indeed you may like to join the huge parade in full fancy dress. We recommend a minimum of 5 nights for this package.

  • Rio de Janeiro Hotel Options
    • 5 star – Copacabana Palace Hotel
    • 5 star – Hotel Fasano Rio de Janeiro
    • 4 star – Hotel Golden Tulip Regente
    • 4 star – Hotel Praia Linda
    • 4 star – Porto Bay International
    • 3 star – Augusto’s Copacabana
    • 3 star – Windsor Asturias
    • 3 star – Hotel Merlin Copacabana

Rio de Janeiro Carnival Tour Options

  • Rio de Janeiro Carnival Magic Ball – Copacabana Palace
  • Rio de Janeiro Carnival Street Blocos
  • Rio de Janeiro Sambadrome Carnival Parade
  • Rio de Janeiro Samba Show Tour

Rio de Janeiro City Tour Options

  • Rio de Janeiro City Tour
  • Rio de Janeiro Historic Tour
  • Rio de Janeiro Jeep Tour
  • Rio de Janeiro Favela da Rocinha Tour
  • Rio de Janeiro Paragliding Tour
  • Rio de Janeiro Museums Tour
  • Rio de Janeiro Santa Teresa Tour
  • Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden Tour
  • Rio de Janeiro Helicopter Tour
  • Rio de Janeiro Tijuca National Park Tour